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Hola! I am Chalome

Mii Camisa started in my garage. I wanted there to be shirts for the folklorico community. I always saw shirts for cheer or ballet and I have danced folklroico since I was little. I wanted to represent my dance team aswell. My Mom was the Directora of El Sol Dance Company in Fresno CA. So I made some shirts for my folklorico friends and they really liked them. From there I started printing and selling shirts at local craft fairs.

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We Hope you enjoy our products!

We started with shirts, now we have mugs, bags, stickers, croc charms and more....

About our Book

Author Maia Gonzalez

Illustrator Roald Tenorio

Illustrator Chalome Gonzalez-Tenorio

We wrote a book and self published. Maia sister wrote the words in about a month. My husband and I drew the pages over the two years of the pandemic. It finally was printed and were happy to show the hero's in our neighborhood. We also won a International Latino Book Award for best first book.

Author Maia Illusrators Chalome and Roald_edited.jpg


If you have questions let us know!

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