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The Idea
Miicamisa is a team of dreamers, artists, folkloristas and family. Our dream is to spread the love of our culture and amor for folklorico.  We create apparel that is inspired by folklorico we also make custom-made and personalized attire and cultural art. 

First Steps
Miicamisa was born in David and Irene Gonzalez's garage and in the mind of their daughter Chalome Gonzalez. Chalome was inspired by her mother who was a Maestra of folklorico for over 30 years. When Chalome was 24 years old she began screen printing T-shirts inspired by folklorico sayings for herself and her friends as a hobby. Then other danzantes in the Central Valley also wanted shirts that they could wear that showed their passion for folklorico.

4 years later Miicamisa has grown thanks to YOU! We are a full fledged local business that still makes shirts in our garage and we are spreading the love for folklorico and cultura all over the US! We are so thankful! THANK YOU! 

Meet Chalome Gonzalez

-Miicamisa CEO

-Lead Designer

Hey everyone! A little about me: I was inspired by my parents, they were very artistic and supported anything I wanted to do. I always loved to draw when I was kid. In high school I was more a graffiti artist and tagged friends names on cardboard for $5 each. I began to learn the basics of graphic design and then bought an old screen printing machine and taught myself how to use it. It took a looooong time! Now I teach graphic design and screen printing at a local high school, also have masters in counseling. I love creating new designs and I never thought in a million years people would be wearing my t shirts. Thank you for everything and I hope you like what were cooking up next! 

Meet David Gonzalez

-Vice CEO

-Shipping and handling

Hola!!! I was an educator (Principal) for all of my career. I like to practice what I preach.  So in the spirit of life-long learning,  we are venturing into the world of business.  As the Vice CEO I am redifining my self, my skills and my relationship with my family. Now a days I ride my motorcycle, help my daughters, create art & music, and laughs. I love to talk with you all and try to get your orders shipped out as fast as possible. Gracias por todo! 

Meet Maia Gonzalez



Hi! Im Maia, I love dancing folklorico because its something my mom instilled in me. I am currently attending college and help my older sister in anyway I can: secretarial tasks, breaking down data, researching new ideas, even folding all the t shirts! Im here to help with any questions you may have to get your order! Say Hi!