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Miicamisa Aztec Hoodie Sweaters


Aztec Hoodie Sweaters original designs by Miicamisa.

• 100% cotton hooded sweater
• Unisex, loose/regular fit
• Machine wash cold
• 2 Different Designs

Azteca Pyramid Hoodie - Stay warm in this Aztec inspired hoodie. We incorporated the Aztec pyramid and different gods on the back design. Down each arm is a print of the Aztec Serpent. And an emblem is printed on the front. Thick fleece sweater. Black sweater with a Orange vintage print. (Vintage print means some areas are lighter)

Azteca Shield Hoodie - Very warm and thick sweater. This original Azteca design has a circle shield design with Azteca dancers and symbols. This sweater is grey and black on the arms and hoodie. Black print on the front.


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